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Steady Hope officially opened its door to the Oakhurst office space in January 2021, founded with the mission to create a safe space for you to share your unique story and background. It is our desire that you can learn to be present in your daily life and persevere with hope toward a future.

 With each session, we value collaborative approaches to our therapeutic work and encourage professional excellence. Our team practices from a holistic perspective and believes that every part of your life is interconnected.

Desk with plant and sign with quote "you will never regret having hope"
A peaceful office with a couch and bookcase of colored books.

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness” 

-Desmond Tutu

Why Steady Hope?

The practice name Steady Hope was first coined in 2018 as our founder considered the work of being a therapist. As she considered her role in mental health, she recognized that many clients seek out therapy when they are feeling hopeless - maybe not about life in general - but typically around one area of life. She recognized that as a therapist, we have the opportunity to be steady and consistent for our clients. And because of that steadiness, we have an opportunity to be hope holders.


As hope holders, we are honored to help clients persevere even when they feel unsure what to hope for. Our role is also to empower clients to explore what they are putting their hope in.

Our practice values and holds space for clients of all faith backgrounds. We have noted that connecting to a faith experience can be another avenue to finding and holding hope.


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Kim DeRamus Lareau

Founder & Director


Specializations: Young Adults, College Students, Trauma Recovery, EMDR, Grief, Helping Professionals,  Maternal Mental Health, Spirituality, High Achieving Anxiety, Athletes



Founder & Counselor Kim, works with maternal mental health, helping professionals, high achieving anxiety, spirituality, trauma recovery, and life transitions in Decatur and GA.


Dianna Nguyen

Social Work Counselor

Specializations: Individuals (18+),  Couples, Premarital Couples, College Students Anxiety & Depression, Navigating Family Expectations, Self-Esteem, Life Transitions, Grief & Loss, Impact of Trauma and PTSD, EMDR




Asain American counselor in Decatur and GA working with couples, college students, family expectations, self-esteem, relationship difficulties, EMDR


Jessica Pentsil

Associate Professional Counselor, LAPC

Specializations: High Functioning Anxiety, Life Transitions, ADHD & Executive Functioning, Helping Professionals and Ministry Leaders, Spiritual Issues, Stress Management




Photo of a black female mental health therapist with short hair
 smiling warmly.


Amanda Peters 

Master Level Counseling Intern

Specializations: Adolescents (11 and up), Life Transitions, College Students, Young Adults, Spirituality, Anxiety & Depression, Third Culture Kids (TCK's), Trauma Recovery




Professional Headshot 2024.jpg


Samantha Merrill

Associate Professional Counselor MA, APC

Specializations: Maternal Mental Health, Trauma Recovery, Relational Issues, Life Transitions, Grief & Loss, Spiritual Issues, Couples, Individuals (11+)




Photo of a female mental health therapist smiling warmly and with empathy.


Sam Speed

Administrative Assistant,

Intake coordinator and practice manager of mental health practice smiling at camera.


Our team of trained counselors offer services in the following areas:

Teens Counseling

Ages 11-up, College Admissions Prep, Coping with Parents Divorce, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Family Stress

Life Transitions, Anxiety, Depression, Grief + Loss, Multicultural Counseling, Trauma, EMDR, Spirituality, Maternal Mental Health, Relationships, Dating,  ADHD, Executive Functioning, Stress Management, Identity Formation, College Students 

Couples Counseling

Premarriage Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Starting a family,  Supporting each other while Parenting, Communication, Boundaries,



Steady Hope Counseling 

317 West Hill Street Suites 204C, 204E

We're proud to be located at the heart of Oakhurst in Decatur, Georgia. Our offices are conveniently located near I-20 and I-285, easily accessible to places within the perimeter of Atlanta such as Midtown, East Atlanta Village, Inman Park, Old Fourth Ward, Tucker, and Clarkston.


Our therapists are licensed in the state of Georgia and offer virtual services to residents living anywhere in the state of Georgia.


We offer a complimentary 15-minute phone call so that we can discuss your needs and any initial questions you may have about therapy.

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