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What does marriage therapy before your wedding look like at Steady Hope?

Steady Hope Counseling can provide a structured six-session* premarital/pre-engagement counseling package. This includes an assessment prior to the first session and the six sessions.

*Though we have a structure of topics we like to cover during these sessions, there is some flexibility based on each couple. 

Our therapists are trained and utilize the Prepare/Enrich model and assessment.

** The assessment provides feedback on your relationships' strengths and growth areas as well as other invaluable insights into current stress levels, relationship dynamics, and a brief personality report. 

Note: If you live in the state of Georgia, completing certified premarital counseling can provide you with a discount on your marriage license. 


Preparing before you say “I do” can help you understand your partner better, deepen your relationship, and give you tools to help you the rest of your marriage.

Here at Steady Hope Counseling, we are passionate about thriving relationships! We believe one tool that can help your relationship in the long run is pre-engagement and premarital counseling.

Even years into marriage, there are still tools and things that my partner and I (Kim) learned through our premarital counseling sessions that we regularly implement. These tools add so much worth and understanding to our relationship. 

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During our sessions, topics include discussions around: 

  • Strengths and growth areas

  • Tools to manage conflicts

  • Intimacy

  • Tools around finances

  • Identification of relationship values

  • Discovery of what “normal” means to your relationship and what works for you both

**For more information about Prepare/Enrich, look here.

“Even years into marriage, there are still tools and things that my partner and I learned from our premarital counseling sessions that we invest into and add worth to our relationship.”

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Looking to begin pre-marriage therapy in Atlanta,GA with Steady Hope?

We offer a six-session premarital/pre-engagement therapy package for unmarried couples in Georgia. If you're interested in learning more, schedule a 15-minute call to talk with one of our trained therapists today. 

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