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Get to know Jessica Pentsil, Licensed Associate Professional Counselor

We are so excited to take today to introduce a member of our Steady Hope team today! We have taken some time to sit down with one of our newest members to the team and we hope you enjoy getting more of an inside scoop on Jess!

What got you into the counseling field?

My desire to be present with people when they’re struggling and reminding them they’re not alone. I’ve been in some sort of people-facing role for years and have loved the dynamic of working with people 1:1 to help them meet their needs.

What is the biggest myth you have heard about counseling?

That it has to last forever!

The clinical therapy relationship can be a really special, and even sacred space; but people are more in the driver's seat than they may realize to determine what's best for them.

It's okay to take a break, and it's also okay to stick with it for as long as you need/want.

What types of clients do you work with?

With my specialties in mind (High Functioning Anxiety, Life Transitions, ADHD & Executive Functioning, Helping Professionals and Ministry Leaders, Spiritual Issues, Stress Management), ultimately clients who are motivated to grow, learn, and lean into the process of therapy.

What’s your favorite tool/book/recommendation you give to almost all of your clients?

HALT Self Assessment: Are you Hungry? Angry? Lonely? or Tired? Self-awareness is something that I see client struggle with often, and this is a simple way to check-in with yourself throughout the day and make sure you're meeting your immediate needs.

What does free time look like for you?

Free time lately looks like watching a good mini docu-series, cooking my own meals, and a midday nap when I can.

What is your favorite thing about the work that you do?

Meeting new people that I wouldn't have met otherwise outside of therapy. I think everything happens for a reason, and I love the connection that comes through therapy.

What is your go-to coffee order?

Vanilla Cold Brews and London Fogs


If you're interested in scheduling a free consultation with Jess, be sure to click the link here to get started!

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